Building the Uncle Johns Cajun Pirogue

The first step is to either buy the plans or the kit and assemble the ribs or cut them out yourself.After edge butting or scarfing the plywood you put the sides together with the ribs and stem pieces and it starts looking like a real boat!

getting started

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Notice the drywall screws in the stem pieces( also used the screws in the ribs)They come right out after the epoxy dries. and el cheapo clamps made from 4 inch pvc pipe cut into roughly 1 inch strips.

After everything dries you attach the outside gunnels to stiffen things up and then flip her over and attach the bottom

attaching the bottom piece

Best bet is to lay the bottom out way oversize and attach with drywall screws and epoxy. After everything dries then you trim up the bottom and ease the edges to get them ready for fiberglassing.

ready for fiberglass

Notice the screw holes from where I attached the ribs filled in with epoxy thickened with wood flour.

The hull after two layers of fiberglass on the outside.The first layer covers the bottom and all the way up to the gunnels and the second just covers the seams.

bottom fiberglassed

After fiberglassing the bottom everything gets flipped over and inside gunnels added. Another layer of fiberglass on the inside bottom and up the sides four inches.Several more coats of epoxy and lots and lots of sanding.

right side up and looking good

Lots more sanding and several more coats of epoxy and you have an almost finished boat.

almost there!

A couple of coats of graphite mixed with epoxy on the bottom and its time to get her wet!

done boat

Hornesby Spring Run

Ocklawaha River

Santa Fe River

Wacissa and the Aucilla Rivers

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