The Ocklawaha River

During the summer of 2004 the silent otters paddled the Ocklawaha river from the Silver river, all the way to the St Johns river . We paddled the close to 60 miles in ten to fifteen mile increments every other weekend. These pictures are from the last section from SR 19 to the St Johns

Almost to the end.

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Lunch in the lily pads

Paddling back to SR 19 we detoured thru bear creek

A very small example of the reptiles found in bear creek.We saw many more much larger gators but the tight quarters required more manuvering than we could do and take pictures also.

A tree hanging out over bear creek that was totally covered with air plants.

Hornesby Spring Run

Santa Fe River

Wacissa and the Aucilla Rivers

The Boats

Building a Cajun Pirogue

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